PowerFuel.de TM –A new era of High Performance Fuels

How permanently maintain the performance of a fuel !

"PowerFuel.de" is a new fuel saving concept by ionization (or hyperionization) of any kind of fluid hydrocarbones like: diesels, gasolines, kerosenes, heavy and marine fuels. When you use in your car, in a truck, your production, vessel or power plant the "PowerFuel.de" TM you will feel the special differences in your costs spending and reduction of pollution with CO— or carbonedioxide output. The revolution of fuel saving, the POWERfuel TM as a fuel saver with a clean burn engine effect with addition of increases fuel efficiency by improving fuel combustion ratio and ignition timing. The POWERfuel TM was developed by putting efforts on improving fuels combustion ratio and reducing smoke (polluted emission), mostly focusing on the combustion acceleration with better energy output by less pollution.

As the name of the product shows, it simply uses the fuel own resources to burn faster and cleaner to create clean burn effect etc.


  • Improvement of fuel combustion ratio (10%~20%);
  • Reducing smoke and other polluted emissions;
  • Improvement of engine power of use the POWERfuel TM in a vehicle or vessel;
  • Reducing noise by
  • Reducing vibration
  • Power up on incline
  • Easy to ionize are all kind of liquid fuels: diesels, gasolines, heavy and marine fuels

1. Clean burn effect

Using less fuel for combustion by increasing the amount of energy output, the ionization increase the amount of energy content in a fuel, this reduces the amount of fuel necessary for combustion or creates a clean burn effects. Compared to vehicles with standard fuels, it takes 10% more of force on the accelerator for the vehicles with smoothly reach the same speed. (if the POWERfuel TM used in a vihecle or ships engines).

2. Increase the velocity of oxidizing of hydrocarbones!

The concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is 21%, and if the concentration level goes down about 4%, abnormalities occur.
The air filter filters micro dusts, while the POWERfuel TM increases the oxidizing speed to make combustion more efficient, resulting in improved engine performance.

3. Reduce carbon–oxide and –dioxide emission!

The POWERfuel TM process will improve it to the best possible fuel quality and combustion efficiency. Even you got an extremly pure (or cheap) fuel and want to operate Your equipment safe and clean with outstanding security and protection for the engine, — the POWERfuel TM is THE SOLUTION for YOU for your engine!

So what we offer you:

  For saving the Mother Earth we do have a solution to replace the petro–camical oil/tar separation from the sand and stop poluting the enviroment, just like it in the Alberta (Canada) now is...

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